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How to Deal With Anxiety (and 3 lies I hope you never believe)

I don’t have a magic cure for how to calm anxiety or deal with depression. I wish I did, because I’d give it away in generous doses. What I can give you (in generous doses) is raw honesty: So here’s the truth: —> I’ve been there. I’ve lived in those dark places. But thank God, … Read More about How to Deal With Anxiety (and 3 lies I hope you never believe)

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Our Morning Time Routine

Looking for ideas for Morning Time? This is our family’s favorite homeschool routine! Here’s a look at what it is and why we do it.

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Best Books of 2019

Looking for a few great reads right now? Here are the best books of 2019… happy reading, friends!

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A Natural Mama’s AntiViral Protocol

What I’m going to share with you in this post is my general anti-viral protocol and, above all, common sense habits that we should all be practicing anyway.

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An Introvert’s Perspective on the COVID19 Quarantine

The world is encountering something we’ve never had to face before, at least not in my life time: A global pandemic. I’ve been doing the same thing everyone else has this week: trying to process the context in which we find ourselves living right now. This morning, Fox News released the statement that the Coronavirus … Read More about An Introvert’s Perspective on the COVID19 Quarantine

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10 Things That Are a Really Big Deal to Me As a Mom

When you’re raising kids, everything can’t be a big deal. But some things matter- a lot! Here are ten things that matter to me as a Christian mom.

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Wardrobe Winter-to-Spring Transition Pieces

My rule of thumb: choose quality clothing that is multi-seasonal. I hope you enjoy a peek at my wardrobe essentials for the winter-to-spring-season!

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39 Books That Have Shaped My Life in 39 Years of Living

I’m thirty-nine years old today. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than giving a nod to the books which shaped me as a woman, wife, mom & educator.

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I don’t mind saying it: Homeschooling is Hard Work!

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran home educator, homeschooling can feel hard. Here’s the good news: you can do it, and it’s totally worth it!

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You Might Be an INTJ Female If…

A lot of these will resound with all introverted personalities; but to the INTJ female, the majority of these quirks and traits will likely feel very normal.

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Emma, 15-year old reader

I really love your blog and your emails on Friday mornings. Share this post!


You are a good writer, easy to read and with great messages. Share this post!


Back in 2008 I found myself searching the internet for low cost meals I could cook from scratch. I stumbled upon your blog, and felt God answer so many prayers. At the time I had people tell me that it would be hard, if not impossible for me to be a stay-at-home mom when my … Read More about Jessica


I love your blog. Glad that I stumbled through my blogger reader list to find it again! Share this post!


Needed to read this. Thanks for sharing your heart so openly! Share this post!


Let me just say thank you, Kristy, for the mentoring you graciously extend via this blog. Share this post!


Just wanted you to know your blog is amazing and I find so much encouragement in so many areas. Share this post!


THANK YOU for your honesty. Your article was reprinted in our local homeschool paper (MassHOPE) and it was just what I needed to day. Share this post!

Lisa W. 

Thank you for your vulnerability and openness. It is so refreshing. Share this post!


Thanks for the permission to breathe. I’m a mother to six kids, six years old and younger! I’ve felt like a failure again and again. This was a breath of fresh air! Share this post!


I’ve been following your blog since 2008 and LOVE how you talk about God and being a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom. So many of us were not homeschooled and can use practical and encouraging advice. Although I am not a pastor’s wife, I like knowing how to best support those serving in the ministry. … Read More about Jessica

Lisa C. 

Thank you so much for your inspiring and real posts! Share this post!


I’m just starting my journey as a pastor’s wife and your write up has really encouraged me. Keep it up. Share this post!


I love using your recipes!  They always turn out so great and the amount made is exactly perfect for our family of seven. Share this post!

Jamerril Stewart

Homeschooling Day by Day is an outpouring of Godly encouragement that will sustain you on the dry and weary days. A blessing to any homeschooling mama. Share this post!

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